Ilham Aliyev chaired meeting regarding hosting of COP29 in Azerbaijan next year

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has chaired a meeting regarding the holding of the 29th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP29 in the country next year.

The head of state made a speech at the meeting.

Speech by President Ilham Aliyev

- A few days ago, our country achieved another significant milestone – the COP29 International Conference will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. This decision was adopted by all the countries of the world a few days ago. Thus, enormous confidence and profound respect have once again been shown for Azerbaijan. We totally deserve that. As a result of our policy, we have secured robust positions on the global scale. Esteem for Azerbaijan in the international arena is growing by the day, and we have earned this respect with our actions, work and policies. Our independent policy, our principled position, our compliance with and commitment to international law and, at the same time, the restoration of sovereignty across our country’s territory have further boosted respect for us.

The significance of this event extends to the fact that the decision was reached two and a half months subsequent to the anti-terror operation. Consequently, the global community has reiterated its support for Azerbaijan. It is imperative to underscore that the choice to host the COP29 conference in Baku has been unanimously approved by every member of the international community. This underscores a collective and unified stance once more.

Indeed, certain Western countries made baseless allegations against Azerbaijan after the anti-terror operation. Those accusations against us have no basis whatsoever. Because Azerbaijan has once again secured the supremacy of international law by conducting the anti-terror operation against separatists and occupiers in our sovereign territory. At the same time, we have restored our sovereignty by observing all humanitarian norms. Certain Western countries, traditionally including France, of course, are not going to put up with that. However, the international community already sees that even Armenia has come to terms with this situation, and the decision to hold the COP29 conference in Azerbaijan is further evidence of that. But some political leaders of France are trying to be more Armenian than the Armenians themselves. However, they will also have to come to terms with this situation.

Furthermore, the perception of the international community and global unity is at times misconstrued in Western contexts. It is crucial to clarify that the international community encompasses all nations worldwide, rather than a limited subset of 30-40 countries. The unanimous and extensive backing for Azerbaijan is a testament to this global solidarity. This endorsement is not an isolated incident; Azerbaijan has effectively led the Non-Aligned Movement for four years, with the support of 120 countries. The extension of our chairmanship by another year serves as a significant indicator. The backing of 120 nations is a remarkable demonstration of support for Azerbaijan, and this widespread international support has been reiterated on this occasion by all countries across the globe.

Of course, the hosting of large-scale international events places a great responsibility on us. However, we have already hosted a number of major international events so far. In fact, we have hosted the International Astronautical Congress with great success this year. Everyone knows that this prestigious international event has been held in Baku for the second time. This event was first held in Baku, the capital of Soviet Azerbaijan, 50 years ago, and this year it was held in Baku, the capital of independent Azerbaijan, again. Surely, COP29 does not compare with any of the events held so far – even if we recall the European Games when 5,000 athletes and about 3,000 guests accompanying them visited Azerbaijan. This time, tens of thousands of foreign visitors will travel to our country for COP29, and Baku will become the center of the world for two weeks. According to some estimates, about 70,000-80,000 foreign visitors will come to our country during this period.

I am of the conviction that COP29 stands as one of the most esteemed international events globally. In terms of the representation of countries, it is comparable to the UN General Assembly. Consequently, it is imperative that we promptly commence all preparatory endeavors. Time is of the essence, with less than 11 months available. In light of this, I have decided to preside over the inaugural meeting, where I will issue all requisite instructions. I anticipate receiving regular updates on the progress made in executing these directives.

I have no doubt that we will hold the COP29 International Conference with utmost excellence, marking another significant triumph for our nation and its people. Concurrently, Azerbaijan will underscore its standing as an oil and gas nation, emphasizing to the global community our commitment to green energy initiatives. The focal points of our current energy policy revolve around the development of green energy and the facilitation of its transport to global markets. This commitment reflects a tangible reality, and the international community will once again witness our unwavering dedication to advancing the cause of green energy.

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