No:328/23, Statement on the military provocation of Armenia against the Lachin state border checkpoint

We strongly condemn the military provocation of the armed forces of Armenia against the Lachin state border checkpoint on June 15, resulting in the injury of the serviceman of the State Border Service.

This military provocation, in addition to constituting aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, aims at hindering the successful operation of the border checkpoint by Azerbaijan, the safe, free and unimpeded passage of Armenian residents, as well as the movement in the Lachin road. 

This military provocation by Armenia, which cannot digest the free movement of Armenian residents from the checkpoint without any difficulties, is a clear example of Armenia's lack of interest in building relations with Azerbaijan, as well as in the peace process. 

These military provocations by Armenia will be resolutely prevented, and its attempts to prevent the reintegration of the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan into our society will fail. 

We call on the international community to strongly condemn this provocation by Armenia and to deter it from aggressive acts that threaten peace and stability in the region.

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