On November 30, 2016 H. E. Mr. Ambassador Anar Imanov met with Dr. Somsy Ngorphansay, President of National University of Lao (NUOL).

During the meeting there were discussions on bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of education, particularly cooperation between NUOL and the universities of Azerbaijan.

In the meeting Ambassador told that there exist traditional cooperation between the two countries in the field of education, thus many Laotian students used to study at the universities of Azerbaijan and those graduates are working in the government and private sector of Lao in high positions. Ambassador said that it is desirable to continue this tradition and in this regard cooperation between the universities is very significant. Moreover Ambassador gave information about the current education opportunities in Azerbaijan.

Dr. Somsy Ngorphansay said that NUOL is expanding its cooperation with foreign universities and they are interested in building cooperation with Azerbaijan universities as well. He stressed that especially taking into consideration in the past there was such successful experience between the two countries, then future cooperation is undoubtedly promising.

The parties exchanged ideas on scholarship programs, training courses, mutually teaching Azerbaijani and Laotian languages at the universities of both countries and agreed that NUOL and Embassy should follow up discussed matters.

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