The 23rd anniversary of Independence Day of Azerbaijan was celebrated in Vietnam

On October 18, 2014 on the occasion 23rd anniversary of Independence Day of Azerbaijan the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Vietnam organized an event titled “Discover Azerbaijan” in Ba Vi National Park, Ao Vua Hotel. Representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, Youth Organizations, International Departments of different universities, as well as students and journalists – in general 100 youths attended the event.  

On his opening speech H. E. Mr. Anar Imanov Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Vietnam made broad presentation about the history and development path of Azerbaijan. Mr. Ambassador emphasized the role of Heydar Aliyev, National Leader of Azerbaijani People in establishing and developing the country and informed about the policy that is being implemented by the H. E. Mr. Ilahm Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. H. E. Mr. Anar Imanov, gave information about an aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan and said that 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan have been occupied by Armenian armed forces. Mr. Ambassador gave information about 20 January events and  Khojaly genocide, energy policy and culture of Azerbaijan, the history and current developments of the relations between Azerbaijan and Vietnam. During the presentation video clips about the different periods of Azerbaijani history and maps of historical territories of Azerbaijan were displayed. After the presentation of Mr. Ambassador the preparations procedures of Azerbaijani dishes – pilof, dolma and dushbara were shown and samples of Azerbaijani cuisine were served to attendees.  In the course of the event quiz about Azerbaijan was held among the atendees and 11 teams named after the regions and cities of Azerbaijan competed. First task of the teams was to make a short presentation about the cities that their team was named after and later questions were asked about Azerbaijan history, geography, culture, art, cuisine. The winners of the quiz were Guba, Nakchivan and Karabakh teams. Along with teams, to the active participants of the quiz were presented awards. During the event information about the national dances of Azerbaijan were given and video clips were displayed. Then, national dances of Azerbaijan - “Uzundere” and “Nalbaki” were performed lively. After the performances attendees were taught the elements of Azerbaijani national dances. At the end of the event information were given about the traditions of Novruz holiday and video clips were displayed. After the presentation of Novruz holiday bonfire was burned and the attendees all together danced Azerbaijan national dance “Yalli” around the bonfire. The attendees appreciated the “Discover Azerbaijan” event as a great Azerbaijani holiday that has been held in Vietnam and emphasized that the event gave them broad information about Azerbaijan.


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